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Stretch marks (also known in the medical field as stria atrophica,  striae distensae or striae gravidarum) are a stretching or tearing of the skin and tissue as a result of weight gain. When the dermal layer of skin is stretched too quickly some of the fibers may break which results in inflammation or bleeding and can ultimately turn into stretch marks. When a stretch mark first occurs you may notice it as darker pink, purple or brown lines that eventually turn into more of a skin colored tone that blends in with your skin but still leaves the lines or creases that we are all familiar with.

Common Reasons for Stretch Marks

As mentioned, the most common reason for stretch marks is due to a sudden or drastic gain of weight which is the main reason why many women get stretch marks during pregnancy. However anyone can get them, both men and women of any age or weight.  Aside from weight gain, there are other things that might cause this skin condition. Generally speaking it occurs from your layers of skin stretching at a a rapid pace so any rapid physical change can cause them. Other common reasons aside from weight gain and pregnancy would include bodybuilding (the rapid growth of muscle may stretch your skin layers) as well as normal growth during early stages of adolescence .  So even younger boys and girls may get them if they have a sudden growth spurt during their life.

What parts of the body can be affected by stretch marks?

Since the entire human body is covered with skin, any part of the body can be affected and some people may have marks over their entire body. However, it is quite uncommon to find them on areas that do not have much fat.  You may commonly find stretch marks on breasts, especially during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that women’s breasts change quite drastically while pregnant so the skin is quickly stretched and damaged. When breast size decreases after pregnancy the damage is now visable.

People may also commonly get stretch marks on thighs or other parts of their legs which is mainly caused from rapid weight gain or some type of hormonal issue. The back and stomach are other areas that are commonly affected.

Is there a cure for stretch marks?

While there is not necessarily a cure there are some stretch mark treatment methods that people have had success with. Generally speaking though there is no quick or easy way to get rid of them and many people are stuck with them for the rest of their life.  Fortunately, they don’t actually hurt or cause any type of physical damage other than to the appearance of your skin.  But even though there are no physical effects, many people do suffer psychological or social effects and may keep to themselves because they are embarrassed of them. So for some people, finding a method of getting rid of stretch marks is the only way they will ultimately feel comfortable with their body and themselves in social situations. So this site was created to help those of you out there who are searching for tips and tricks to combat this skin condition.

The most common treatments for stretch marks

You’ll find a number of different methods to treat this condition on this website. Because this is a very common condition there are a huge number of products on the market that all claim to be the most effective and fastest treatment method so we will take a look at some of the top products out there. You will find a number of topical solutions that all claim to be the best stretch mark cream on the market, but how will you know which one really works? Well, that’s why you came here! We have scoured the internet and found reviews and information from both consumers, magazines, doctors and scientists who have used various creams on real people and found out if they work or not.

While creams are probably the most popular and most common treatment method due to the fact that they are easy to use and generally inexpensive, there are also a number of home remedies out there that you can try out before you decide to spend any money whatsoever. Of course, some of these methods may not work for you but for many people it’s worth a try.

The most expensive method of treatment may also be one of the most effective and that is laser stretch mark removal. While it has been proven to work to lessen the appearance, it is a more expensive option and many people  may not like the idea of laser surgery. But it is an option and we discuss more about it in various articles found throughout this site.

The only way to surely STOP stretch marks

Yes there are a number of options for treatment after you have been effected by this condition, but since there is no actual cure the only way to ensure that you are never effected by this condition is to prevent stretch marks before they occur.  We’ve found a number of different ways that people have used and we hope we can answer your question of How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

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