The Best Stretch Mark Cream

There are so many different products and creams available these days, so labeling one as the best stretch mark cream out there is a bold statement. But after doing a ton of research online, we are confident that we can make this statement.

We’ve spent countless hours looking for information online and reading reviews from media, doctors, health professionals, dermatologists and most importantly – regular people like you and I! We hope that the information we’ve gathered can help save you from having to spend your time doing the same thing and that you will finally have a product that you are confident in using to remove your stretch marks.

Before we get started and introduce our choice as the best stretch mark cream, we thought it was important to note one thing… As we have said many times on this site, there is no real way guaranteed to get rid of stretch marks completely for everyone. However, the cream we have chosen is very effective and should at the very least reduce the appearance of your marks considerably if not entirely. There is a small chance you may not get the results you were hoping for as everyone is different, but this statement can be made for any product. The product we researched has had the most success over the largest sample size that we could find.

So without further ado, our choice for the best stretch mark cream available goes to… TriLASTIN-SR!

We firmly believe that after hours of research that this product is the best stretch mark cream on the market and is the most effective at reducing the appearance of stretch marks. You may have seen it mentioned on the Tyra Banks show as she is a strong supporter of it. Now, don’t let that be the reason that sells you on it. She probably gets some kind of kickback and has some stake in the company so she could be a bit bias. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work as many celebrities won’t endorse something that they truly believe in. But this isn’t our reason for choosing this product and didn’t factor into the equation one bit.

They have a number of positive reviews and clinical trials on their website. The reviews on their website do seem legitimate, but one should always take caution with reviews on an official company website. They obviously aren’t going to post any negative reviews and they could very well have a professional copy writer fabricate these reviews. So this is another thing that we didn’t factor into our equation even though the reviews seemed very legitimate.

There were also a number of before/after photos that were posted on their site which too seem legitimate. Now, this type of thing can be faked as well but in our expert opinion these photos do not look tampered with or photoshopped at all. We made a few posts on different graphics/photoshop forums and a number of experts also agreed that these photos don’t have any signs of being doctored up. Below you can see a few of the photos…

Best Stretch Mark Cream
This photo was a from a customer who submitted a photo of her post pregnancy stretch marks and then another photo after using TriLASTIN-SR for 4 months. The results shown here look absolutely incredible for only having used the product for four months.

The Best Stretch Marks Cream
Here is another impressive photo of a 57 year old female who’s stretch marks look to have completely disappeared after a year of use.

There are additional photos on their website if you wish to see more of them.

The next thing we looked into was to try and find some reviews from legitimate magazines and online publications. We did not look at any of your average websites as many of these sites are built to sell a product and they receive a commission for their sale. So obviously these types of reviews are not going to say anything bad about the product. Instead, we found some solid reviews from publications such as Modern Mom, Women’s Health Mag and Elle.

And last but certainly not least we looked around for reviews from real people. Amazon was where we started and this product has a 4 star rating and over 33 reviews which made it one of the top rated products we could find. One review was from a lady who had claimed to have spent over 3k on stretch mark removal products and procedures until finally finding this one. She went in depth about the products she had tried in the past and her experience with TriLASTIN-SR. She gives a very detailed review that really jumped out at us. Of course, this is just one person but there are many other people who have said some very positive things. Here is a link if you want to read them all for yourself.

So to conclude this article, if you are looking for the best stretch mark cream, then we highly recommend you give TriLASTIN-SR a try. We also did some digging and found that the cheapest place to purchase it was right from their website as they currently have a discount offer that pushes the price below anywhere else that we found it. They also are offering free shipping which is nice too.